Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Commander is Jeep’s full-size SUV and the first Jeep with 7-passenger seating. Wrapped in an exterior package that looks remarkably like the original Jeep Cherokee, the Commander is two inches longer than the Grand Cherokee but shares the same wheelbase. Characterized by an upright windshield, vertical back glass and straight sides, the Commander’s shape is very square and is capped off with the signature Jeep seven-slot grille. Inside, the Commander offers stadium seating, a stepped roof for adequate headroom and Command-View skylights for additional interior lighting. Also a two-tone instrument panel with four round gauges is unique to the Commander. For 2007 Jeep changed the base Commander name to Commander Sport and added the Overland version to the lineup. Jeep Commander


  1. Commander Jeep is one of the symbols of prestige and it is a matter of pride for the owner to have a commander.

  2. Jeep look strong but cost more gas . Any way this suit with mountain and hill
    Bikini models

  3. You cannot go wrong with a jeep.